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Character: Emiya Shirou.
Fandom: Fate/Stay Night.
Character Notes:

History: Prior to the start of Fate/Stay Night, Emiya Shirou’s parents died in a giant fire that wiped out most if not all of the area that Shirou lived in. Shirou’s parents instructed him to stay inside as they went to save others and died, but Shirou was not able to due to his house burning down. Shirou would have died if not for Emiya Kiritsugu, who implanted Avalon in him and saved his life. Shirou lived with Kiritsugu for most of his young life, being taught very basic Magecraft and adopting Kiritsugu’s ‘hero of justice’ ideal. Kiritsugu died, and Shirou continued to hold on to this ideal in his memory. Shirou lived his daily life until one day where he witnessed Archer, his future self and Lancer, another Servant, fighting. Lancer, wanting to keep the Holy Grail War a secret, chased Shirou down and attempted to kill him. If not for Tohsaka Rin, Shirou would have died, along with Avalon saving him. Shirou was once again cornered by Lancer whom tried to kill him yet again. However, Shirou unknowingly summoned a Saber-class Servant, the infamous King Arthur. (or Arturia Pendragon) The words that Saber would say afterward sparked the beginning of Unlimited Blade Works’ route.

“I ask of you… are you my master?”

Lancer was repelled, and during a fight between Tohsaka Rin and Archer, Shirou used one of his Command Seals to stop Saber from attacking them. Some stuff went down, until they came across the giant known as Berserker. Archer repelled Berserker and Shirou got a hole cleaved into him by the giant’s weapon. Discussing battle plans and being informed of the War, at first Shirou was reluctant but then he decided he would fight to destroy the Grail and stop the senseless killing of the War. Having stated they would be enemies when they met again, Shirou ended up running from a few assaults by Rin the next day in school. Rin’s attack is stopped when Rider appears, and both Shirou and Rin team up to drive her away. Shirou thinks that he saw Shinji, though dismisses his sight as a hallucination. As Rin and Shirou team up and muse over who Rider’s Master may be, Shirou is brought magically to the Ryuudouji Temple where he is saved from losing his Command Seals to Caster by Archer. Archer then puts Shirou’s ideals down and tries to kill him, but is stopped by Saber and Assassin before he can complete his goal.

After Rin apologizes to Shirou for what Archer had done, the two end up seeing that Blood Fort Andromeda was activated by Rider. However, they arrive late on the scene as Rider is dead and they see a horror-stricken Shinji. Afterward, the foursome of Rin, Shirou, Saber and Archer attempt to figure out how Rider died. Saber says she died defending her master, whilst Archer claims that she was a weakling. Tensions continue to rise amongst the group, as Shirou attempts to find out Issei is a Master… by stripping him. After this encounter, Shirou, Saber, and Rin attempt to attack Kuzuki Souchirou, the one they suspected of being a Master. His fighting prowess is shown and he takes Saber down quite effectively, with the trio retreating soon afterward. Rin then begins to stay at the Emiya Residence so that Shirou and Rin can more effectively come up with battle plans.

Rin, Shirou and Saber all go on a date together afterward, having gone to the batting cages. Saber’s will to win was shown here, as was her stubbornness in losing. After they come home, they find out that Caster had taken Taiga hostage. After a brief confrontation, Caster uses Rule Breaker to steal Saber away from Shirou and forces her to attack them. Saber yells for them to go, and Rin and Shirou retreat. Shirou decides that despite the fact he is ‘useless’ in this situation, he will assist Archer and Rin in defeating Caster and Kuzuki and gaining Saber back. Confronting Caster and Kuzuki in the Church, under the impression that they killed Kirei, Archer decides to turn on Rin and offers his allegiance to Caster, attacking her. Shirou defends her and the two retreat once again, once more allying themselves to fight the now troublesome trio. With Archer off their side, they attempt to gain Illyasviel and Berserker on their side. However, to their horror, Gilgamesh arrives and not only detains and kills Berserker, but slashes Illyasviel’s eyes, stabs her lungs and finally rips her heart out after she crawls her way to Berserker.

Defeated in this situation, Lancer arrives and offers his help to which they accept. Lancer fights Archer one on one in which his Gae Bolg’s Striking Death Flight is used against Archer’s Rho Aius. Caster and Kuzuki begin to fight Shirou and Rin, and as Caster is overwhelmed by Rin’s melee combat, she leaps in the way of one of Archer’s sword spams. Caster dies defending Kuzuki, who dies in a one on one fight with Archer. Archer claims the only reason he allied with Caster was so that he would be able to kill Shirou by erasing Rin’s Command Seal, and so that he could eliminate Caster. Saber and Rin form a contract, and the trio of Saber, Rin, and Shirou prepare to fight. However, Archer knocks Rin out and kidnaps her, using her as a ploy to get Shirou to follow and rescue her, which he knows is in his nature. Rin is then tied up and left to be violated by Shinji. However, Lancer arrives as Shirou and Saber prepare to fight Archer. Archer reveals himself to be Shirou’s future self and further insults his ideals, though Shirou is prepared to fight him as they were meant to this entire time. The two engage in combat, whilst Lancer is forced to kill himself elsewhere by Kotomine. Still, using Battle Continuation and his Rune magic, Lancer kills Kotomine and fends off Shinji, burning down the Church or at least beginning to. Shirou continues to fight Archer, fighting the very doubts he had of his own path. Shirou defeats Archer and removes all of his doubts, Archer deciding that he could not stop Shirou no matter what and throwing the fight.

Afterward, Gilgamesh attempts to eliminate them all and Shirou is forced to see the glimpse of what happened to Archer with his own eyes. Archer tells Shirou he is the only one who can defeat Gilgamesh, and he disappears. Gilgamesh ceases his attack due to the Church burning down, and goes to deal with the business of Shinji, whom he makes into a makeshift Grail. Having sex with and forming a contract with Rin, Shirou, Rin, and Saber go off to fight Gilgamesh. However, Saber is held up by Assassin and Rin is saved from Gilgamesh’s rain of swords by Shirou. The two begin to fight and Saber arrives to assist Rin in any way she can. Shirou projects Rho Aius and completes Unlimited Blade Works’ incantation, fighting on equal ground with Gilgamesh. After Saber destroys the Grail and disappears, Archer saves Rin, Shinji is saved, and Gilgamesh is sucked back into the Grail… but he isn’t done yet. He wraps Enkidu around Shirou and tries to drag himself out using him. Archer tells Shirou “If you can’t do anything else, at least move a few inches to the right.” Archer impales Gilgamesh in the forehead with a sword, shoving him into the Grail and saving Shirou.

Archer disappears afterward, telling Rin to take care of himself (Shirou) after Shirou passes out. Archer promises to Rin that now he will try his hardest as much as they have, and a genuine smile is shown that looks exactly like Shirou. Afterward, it is shown that Shirou has decided to be Tohsaka’s apprentice and plans to go to the Clock Tower in London with him. Shirou wants to be as good of a Magus as Kiritsugu was, while at the same time being better than Tohsaka and making her admit defeat. And so, things go on as normal as they can… you know, until Shirou discovers DDD that is..

Personality: To claim that Shirou has any sense of ‘self’ anymore would be pretty ludicrous. Since the Fuyuki fire that killed his parents and caused him to see the deaths of those around him, Shirou puts 110% forth into nothing but other peoples’ well-being. One could describe Shirou as ‘completely selfless’ to the point where he will go to extreme lengths just so that others are happy or satisfied. One act of Shirou’s kind and selfless nature is that of him wanting to protect Sakura from Shinji’s abuse, feeling that he couldn’t just sit around while it was going on. Shirou is extremely helpful, to the point where he could be an ‘easily manipulated guy.’ Shirou is constantly offering his help to his classmates and friends, though this usually stays on the topic of fixing broken things.

Shirou isn’t an easily angered individual, but he is very impulsive and could be considered to have an ‘iron will.’ There are numerous touchy subjects that can get Shirou angered. One of which is if someone denies or puts down his ideals or insults them. Shirou doesn’t care if someone insults him, because he’ll just brush it off. But if someone does what Archer did and completely curses his ideals, Shirou will become instantly angered and dislike whomever the person is. Shirou is also extremely protective of Tohsaka Rin to the point where he told Lancer that he ‘couldn’t have Tohsaka’ and instructed for him not to harm her. This is another field that Shirou can become instantly angry in, though if someone were to flirt with Tohsaka he wouldn’t really care on account of the fact that Shirou is convinced that no matter what, Tohsaka won’t be leaving him anytime soon. Shirou’s love for Tohsaka is unrivaled, and he is willing to go to all kinds of extreme lengths for her.

Shirou’s ideal is to be that of a ‘superhero’, in the sense that he wishes to save everyone in this world. Shirou knows that this is an impossible task, for ‘wanting to protect something is the same as asking for something to violate it.’ Still, Shirou refuses to give up on fighting toward this goal. At one point, Shirou had doubts in his mind due to a few failures and constantly second-guessed himself. Archer confronted Shirou about this, and within the fight the two had, Shirou decided that he no longer had a low self-esteem on the matter and would fight toward this goal as hard as he could. Even if he can’t save everyone, he will at least try his hardest to save those that he can in the given situation. Shirou adopted this ideal from Kiritsugu, and despite the fact that Archer told him it was merely a borrowed ideal, Shirou refuses to let that deter him, deciding to carry on his adoptive father’s memory within his life goal.

Shirou can also be considered the kind of guy who despises fighting for whatever reason. One of Shirou’s Command Seals was used so that Saber would not attack Archer nor Rin, and Shirou absolutely hates the Grail War due to the fact that the goal is to kill all other Servants and Masters. Still, Shirou will fight if he has to and isn’t a complete pacifist in any right. At the same time, Shirou will not assist someone in need if they bring about their own destruction and will simply allow them to die or suffer. A few comedic traits about Shirou are that he is one of the heaviest eaters in the series and that he refuses to lose at the “who will give up first” type of contests. Shirou is also extremely stubborn to the point where nothing can deter him from his initial mindset, nor can someone make him do something that he does not wish to do. Finally, Shirou is an extremely skilled cook and is usually put in charge of making dinner. His cooking skill is something Sakura envies, to the point where she wishes to become better than him.

Other: An image of Shirou for the hell of it.

Additional Links: Shirou's wikia page!

First Person (entry type): Well, I guess I should start using this thing huh? It's actually good to be able to talk to someone other than Issei or Tohsaka since this... well, it involves both of them I guess. The two of them got into another argument today, and as always Issei told Tohsaka to stay away from it. Maybe it's a good thing he doesn't know I'm dating her, ha ha... if he found out... geez, I don't know what he'd do. Going off topic for a bit, I found this wallet laying on the street recently. Yeah, I know it sounds cliche, but I was able to find the guy since he was nearby. He tried to give me a reward but I declined it. With the way Fuji-nee brings in money for everything we need, I didn't really need it... besides, I didn't really want it. I'm sure he has mouths to feed, which is why he has that hard earned money in the first place. I wouldn't feel write dropping to the level of thieves. Anyways, back to Tohsaka and Issei... I just wish the two of them would get along. They're both close to me, and I don't want to lose either of them because of the other person or end up losing both of them. I wonder if there's anyone out there who shares my worries, or are in the same situation...

Third Person: The day started out normal as ever, with the smell of food rising about the Emiya household and a groaning Taiga thunking her tired head on the table. When Shirou turned on his heel to see her, he let out a laugh, which caused a bit of sharp comments to come his way. Reeling back, Shirou went back to checking up on the food, a somewhat disgruntled look on his face. “She’s terrifying when she’s pissed…” muttered Shirou, as he heard the soft voice of his kohai. Rubbing his hands on a cloth, Shirou and Sakura exchanged conversation with one another, before finally the foot was set out upon the table. It was around that time that Rin walked in, and Taiga walked out to go to work. Sakura decided to stay after with Shirou and Tohsaka, however, which caused a smile to hit Shirou’s face. Personally, he liked it when everyone was together like it. Once the food had been finished, Shirou stood up and walked out the door after a few minutes of preparing.

It was around this time that he met up with his friend, Ryuudou Issei. They walked alongside one another to school, with Shirou responding in awkward laughs and tiny protests (to no avail) about how Tohsaka “wasn’t that bad.” School went on as per usual, with frequent visits from a teasing Tohsaka causing Shirou to fluster and somewhat freak out. Once Issei and Shirou got some alone time, Shirou didn’t know the reason behind it, but he decided he would switch the tone of the conversation. The two began to discuss their pasts and how they had become friends with one another, which brought a wide smile to Shirou’s face, and a soft one to Issei’s. The two were inseparable as friends, that much was certain, but there would always be the secret of his relationship with Tohsaka that he couldn’t tell a soul. As well, that was who his heart belonged to, and he couldn’t even tell his best friend… bummer.

Once the sun began to set, Issei and Shirou once again walked with one another, and Issei oddly walked alongside Shirou all the way to his house. Once they got there, Shirou invited Issei in and the boy joined Shirou and Taiga for dinner. Once dinner was squared away and some odd conversation happened between the three of them, Taiga went to bed, and Issei pulled Shirou off to the side. Without noticing it at first, Issei was holding a small box and extending it to Shirou, which caused him to fluster in confusion. When Issei told him it was a late birthday present and how sorry he was, Shirou said that the only thing he needed was to know that Issei was alright. With the two parting on those words, Shirou headed to the basement, and once his circuit training had finished he headed to bed. With the events of the day still buzzing in his head and a wide smile on his face, the content, peaceful boy went to sleep, prepared for the next few days to come.


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